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Rev. Dr Iosefa Lefaoseu

Name: Rev. Dr. Iosefa Lefaoseu

Status: Ordained minister of the Methodist Church in Samoa.

Lecturer in Piula since 2002-2009, 2010 – 2014, and 2019-

Current positions: Head Librarian
Lecturer in Biblical Studies, Old Testament.

Academic qualifications:

Diploma in Theology (Piula Theological College, Samoa 1999)
Bachelor of Divinity (Piula Theological College, Samoa 2002),

Diploma in Library/Information Studies (University of the South Pacific, 2006)

Masters of Arts-Theology (Lutheran Theological Seminary, Shatin, Hong Kong, 2010),
Doctor of Philosophy (Pacific Theological College, Suva 2018)

Courses/Lectures in:



“30 tausaga o Faigata” in Le Faasoa: Pacific Church History, Ministry, Theology and Biblical Hermeneutics, Vol I. S.Potogi, M.Mailo, S.Sila, I.Lefaoseu, F.Elia, W.Taotua (Eds.) Piula Theological College, 2014