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Tulitulimatāgau: Talanoa Tusi Paia

Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 1

O lenei faasoa o le a agai i mea na tutupu i le vaisao ao loma le maliu o Iesu Keriso Keriso. O le a faasoa le Au Talanoa i le aso ta’itasi i le faamaumauga a le Au Evagelia (Gospels).

Panel: Revd. Dr. Mose Mailo (Piula Principal),Numia Tauauvea (BD3 student),Kolia Tulia (BD3 student),Wesley Lafaialii (BD3 student)

O lenei faasoa o le a agai i faamaumauga a le au Evagelia (Mataio, Mareko, Luka ma Ioane) e uiga i mea na tutupu i le aso toetu seia oo i lona afio ae.

Panel: Revd. Dr. Mosese Mailo, Revd. Dr. Sanele Lavatai, Petelo Lauvao, Apineru Tavita

Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 3

O lenei faasoa o le a agai lea i le vaai faa-Tusi Paia i le faamai COVID 19. O le a faasoa foi le Au Talanoa i se feau taua mo tagata kerisiano i lenei vaitaimi faigata.

Panel: Revd. Dr. Mosese Mailo, Revd. Dr. Sanele LavataiRevd. Dr. Selota MalikoRevd. Dr. Olataga Elu

Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 4

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Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 5

Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 6

Talanoa Tusi Paia: Vaega 7

Tuliltulimatāgau:Talanoa Tusi Paia [Polokalame Faapitoa]


Talofa and Greetings

Malo le soifua, malo le lagi matafi to all our partners, families and friends. We hope that this address finds you in good health and high spirits in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic affecting our world today. Thank you all for your prayers and support. We know that our faith in Christ means going through the good times as well as the challenging times of our faith journey.

We also wish you all a belated but blessed Easter celebrations (until the Ascension and Pentecost).  Although it is an out-of-the-way celebrations due to the COVID-19 lockdown of Churches in most countries, we acknowledge how the resurrected Christ works in mysterious ways to make this quarantined Easter (2020) a unique and meaningful event.

Household celebrations replace our usual Church community services, where parents and children spend quality time together during the most important event of our Christian calendar.

I take this opportunity to offer our sincere condolences to the families of some of our partners and friends who have passed on due to COVID-19 or by natural causes. It’s a difficult time, but we believe in the power of prayer for the comfort of the loved ones left behind, and those who are still fighting for survival.

On the bright side, the lockdown of schools has urged us to explore new possibilities.


  1. Our students and families are quarantined at their homes in Samoa, except the lecturers, final year students, Bachelor students, and overseas students that remain on campus.
  2. It has been four weeks since we use the Moodle Program (through our website, piula.edu.ws ) to deliver our courses and all the related aspects for the quarantined as well as our on campus students
  3. Since the COVID-19 lockdown, our Facebook account has been launched to deliver our Sunday and weekly worship services (Facebook live) for our community at home and on campus.
  4. We are also delivering on Facebook and You Tube account (Piula Publications and Productions) a Talanoa Tusi Paia or Bible Talk Programme for the students and Laity of the Church.


  1. I acknowledge the hard work of our staff/lecturers, IT team, all on campus students in these difficult times. Delivering our academic and spiritual services to the community in the islands and overseas during the COVID-19 lockdown is made available due their untiring commitment and durable work. 
  2. I also wish to acknowledge the assistance of the late Revd. Setu Lofipo and Leivi through their children. They have donated 4 sets of collar microphones and headsets (worth $3,200.00 ST) for the Talanoa Tusi Paia Programme. Thanks to Mrs Peata M. Malala and family of the USA Military Forces for the support. God bless you and keep you.

Let’s hold on to hope and love during these challenging times. Beyond our afflictions is the light of God’s love and spiritual empowerment. May our Good Lord, the resurrected Christ give you comfort and hope. From us here in Piula, we pray that God keep you all and continue to shower you with his blessings.

Till next time, but stay safe and God bless. 

Revd. Dr. Mosese Mailo


Change of Staff

Towards the end of 2019, one of Piula’s newly appointed Lecturers, Tulei Tulei along with his wife Lili Tulei, were appointed to study abroad. Tulei was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree at the Pacific Theological College in Suva, Fiji. Tulei has previously completed his BD thesis titled “Why Manono : The original destination of the Wesleyan missionaries in Samoa“. Now Tulei pursues the same Church History discipline in PTC Fiji.

Tulei and Lili
Faamavaega with Tulei and Lili

New Publications

One of the highlights of Piula’s Graduation in August, was the launching of Piula Publication’s 3 new books, which were:

  • ‘O le Mea Sili, ua i te i tatou le Atua’: Le Metotisi Samoa written by Revd. Dr. Saunoa Sila, former Lecturer of Piula.
  • Le Faasoa, Volume IV written by the Staff of Piula Theological College, and edited by Revd. Dr. Mosese Mailo
  • O Fuluula o le Talalelei i Evagelia: Mataio written by Piula principal Revd. Dr. Mosese Mailo

Piula Graduation 2019

On August 10th 2019, Piula Theological College ended an academic year with 19 graduates. From these 19 graduates, 15 of which achieved a Diploma in theology while 4 graduated with a Bachelor of Divinity. It was a day for families, communities and congregations.

Diploma in Theology
Bachelor of Divinity
Kuini and Lealofi
Matavai and Rosa
Glory and Faaiu
Tala, Moli and family
Mate and Siimamao
Sinaumea and Lila
Patricia and Sakaio
Pitonuutai and Makerita
Penina and Tafito
Lumafale and Tiesa
2019 Diploma Graduates
Lovernia and Sione
Revd.Dr. Saunoa and Revd. Dr. Sanele
Faafofogaina and Apelu
Pauna and Eirenos
Revd. Carrington and Revd. Dr. Iosefa
Lili and Tulei

Academic Developments

Piula has undergone consecutive accreditation’s over the years with the collaboration of Samoa Qualifications Authority (SQA) and South Pacific Association of Theological Schools (SPATS). Such collaborations have contributed to the development of Piula’s Academic Standards.

Some of our staff members have been away for conferences and meetings in the past few months. Revd. Dr. Sanele Lavata’i (Dean of Studies) has been part of the Samoa Qualifications Authority visiting team. Also, Lavata’i and Titimaea Titimaea have represented Piula and the Methodist Church of Samoa to the newly founded Samoa Bible Society, who deals with a revised translation of the Old Testament into the Samoan language.

Dr. Mercy Maliko has represented Samoa to the CEDAW (Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women) conference held in Geneva at the end of October. Dr. Sanele Lavata’i and Dr. Mosese Mailo have attended a Conference (the first ever) on Postcolonial Biblical Hermeneutics at Hamburg University in Germany, Sept-Oct. Dr. Mosese Mailo had also attended the Pacific Conference of Churches held in Auckland NZ in the beginning of November.

Piula Publications

This year Piula Publications launched their latest publications, which were written by staff members and students alike. Such publications were launched during the Piula Theological College’s 150th Anniversary. Copies are available in Local Libraries and Bookstores.

“Ato Fevailia’i”

This publication was a project that was originally started by the BD (Bachelor of Divinity) year of 2002 which was then revised by one of Piula’s lecturers, Rev. Piula Samuelu along with some of the 3rd year students. The purpose of this publication was to provide a compilation of scriptures and references that would be fitting for each service or worship that would be performed by minsters of the Methodist Church in Samoa. It serves as an aid in developing sermons and biblical interpretation.


Faatoetoemuliola was written by the pincipal Rev. Dr. Mosese Mailo. It is a collection of his hand picked-pasts sermons, articles and writings in Biblical and Theological Hermeneutics in Samoan Style.

“E Tautala Aso”

This publication was written by former lecturer Rev. Dr. Saunoa Sila. He has managed to publish 2 books written in Samoan and English. Such publication is a historical account of the history of Piula Theological College from 1868 – 2018.

“Malo Tautua”

Malo Tautua is an Encyclopaedia of all the ministers of the Methodist Church in Samoa that have been serving the church from 1868 to the ministers that are currently working today. Such project has been in dedication to all the ministers that have devoted their lives in servitude to the church. This project has been a collaborative work between BD3 students of 2018 and 2017, along with the chief contributor Rev. Wesley Taotua. Furthermore, this publication has also been edited by Rev. Dr. Mosese Mailo.

“O le utu a le Faimea”

This particular publication is a collection of articles written by former lecturers of Piula Theological College. Such publication has been compiled and edited by Rev. Dr. Sanele Lavatai and Piula Lecturer Rev. Dr. Selota Maliko.

“Enemies in the Psalms”

Enemies in the Psalms was written by Rev. Dr. Sanele Lavatai. It is a book written and derived from Lavatai’s thesis and work which in based in Old Testament Studies.

Piula Marine Reserve takes First Place

Last month, Piula Theological College was entered into a national competition of Marine Reserves and Wildlife habitats. Such competition was held in Apia on the 25th – 26th October, which was attended by our Dean of Studies Rev. Dr. Sanele Lavatai along with some of the students involved in the marine reserve committee. Piula came first place in the national competition of Marine Reserves and came Second place in the Oyster Reserve Maintenance.


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