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Rev. Dr. Selota Maliko

Rev Dr Selota Maliko

An ordained minister of the Methodist Church in Samoa. Lecturer in Piula since 1999-2002, 2007-2011, 2017 until the present

Current positions:
Lecturer in Ethical thoughts & Social Issues.

Academic Qualifications:
Diploma in Theology ( St John Trinity, NZ 92-93)
Diploma in Theology (Piula Theological College, Samoa 1994)
Bachelor of Divinity in Theology with Honours ( P.T.C Fiji, 1998)
Masters of Theology (P.T.C Fiji, 2006)
Doctor of Philosophy (University of Otago, NZ 2016)

Courses/Lectures in:
Christian Education
Curriculum Design
Ethical thoughts & Social Issues

Research Interest:
Christology Justice
Christian Ethics
Pastoral Theology
Christian Education