Talofa and Welcome

“Aua ua ou mautinoa, e le mafaia e le oti po o le ola . . . ona faate’aeseina mai i tatou i le alofa o le Atua, o lo o ia Keriso Iesu lo tatou Alii.” Romans 8: 38-39   

Talofa lava and Welcome.

Well, it’s the beginning of a New Year, 2022, and the Final Semester of our academic year (August 2021—July 2022)! We have been looking forward to this time for its exciting and inspiring Programmes to bring a challenging journey to the finishing line. Especially for the final year Diploma, Bachelor, and Master students. But as the Civid-19 hits our shores on the 19th January, everything changed, and we ought to come up with a Plan B. It’s part of the new normal, isn’t it? We have been prepared for this, and it’s no time to panic. The new normal includes creativity and innovation, especially the usage of technology and the digital platforms to make sure that Covid-19 does not stop us from being educated, from learning, connecting and communicating. 

As I am writing this, our Prime Minister is speaking on media outlets concerning Samoa’s situation, moving from Alert Level 3 (Red) to Alert Level 2 (Orange). Still, schools are closed. We’ve got to use our Moodle Program to reach out to our students at home. No Problem!! Nevertheless, it is of uttermost important, that we also reach out in terms of the persistent Spiritual sustenance of our students as well as our community. Therefore, our Sunday Services Online (Facebook Live) will continue as it is very crucial, to lift up our hearts of Hope in Jesus Christ our Redeemer. Families, Friends and Partners in Christ, we continue to uphold each other in our prayers. There is no other way, to keep us going and facing the new normal. Please, be safe and if you have time, there are some of our old Talanoa Tusi Paia Programmes and Services on our Facebook, plus our Choir Singing on our YouTube page, just to give you some Spiritual company during these challenging times.   Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you always.

Revd. Prof. Mosese Mailo  
 (Your Servant Principal)