Talofa and Welcome

E tele a pesega ae matua ile ōō, (Storms never last) best defines the situation of our journey as a community since July until now. Into our mid-semester break from Sept 18 th until 02 nd October, it’s a moment of Thanksgiving and Praises to our Lord and Saviour for his ever presence, in the past 7weeks of Piula academic and spiritual journey.
I wish to thank our families and friends for your prayers and support. I also acknowledge the continuing assistance of our parents and the Stakeholder (Methodist Church of Samoa). It’s a challenging time given the Covid-19 Pandemic affecting our dear neighbours New Zealand, Australia and Fiji with our families and friends experiencing lockdown after lockdown.
The political unrest in Samoa is a shame and is confusing everyone in the islands. Indirectly, everyone is affected psychologically and is hurt internally. But we have the Lagimalie and the Shalom of our Lord Jesus in the storms. It’s what keeps us going forward without fear but with great confidence in the healing power of the Holy Spirit amidst these trials and challenges.   

We have climbed a few mountains and dived into the deepest oceans as we,

The staff and students are working hard every day. I, as Principal, would like to congratulate their courage and commitment in the past 7 weeks of lectures and other extracurricular commitments. Teamwork is what brought us this far, and everyone is a blessing to Piula Theological College. I wish you all (staff and students) a quality two weeks break. To our families, friends and partners, we really need to pray for one another in these testing times. We pray for the world, for the Oceania Region, and for Samoa, for our God is a Living God who hears our prayers. 

Faamanuia le Atua      
Revd. Prof. Mosese Mailo  (Principal)