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About Us

Brief History

Piula is the Samoan transliteration of Beulah which in Hebrew means “married”. Isaiah 62:3-4 refers to the land of Israel married to God. The mission theology is that those who are educated at Piula for the ministry of the gospel must experience an intimate relationship with God.

The first mention of a training institute by the Wesleyan mission in Samoa is by Martin Dyson in 1859. He wrote of Barnabas (Panapas) Ahogalu, a Tongan teacher who has set up a compound in the village of Satupaitea on Savaii island, with 15 students making up the nucleus of a training institute. It was not until 1864 under the guidance of George Brown that a school was formally established and named the Turner Seminary, or the District Training Institute.

In 1868, the 6th District Meeting was held at Lufilufi and Revd. Frank Firth had arranged for land at Lufilufi to be cleared. It was then decided to relocate the Turner Seminary from Satupaitea to Lufilufi because of political unrest (Warfare between Satupaitea and Palauli), and the fact that Lufilufi was a village of political importance. It is a Tumua meaning ‘head’ or ‘first to stand’ in the political and customary protocols of the Samoan chiefly system. In 1900, the institute was named Piula to reveal its new centenary image, and was officially named Piula Theological College in 1968 at its 100th anniversary.


Mission Statement

“Piula trains men and women of faith to become agents of change in the lives of the people of God, and continue to interpret the Faith through a fruitful collaboration of Academic Competence, Methodist Spirituality and Samoan Cultural Values”

Piula Quality Management System Document, 2018


“O le Kolisi Fa’afaifeau, o le punāvai faapitoa lea e saunia ma tapeanina ai fa’aleagaga, fa’alemafaufau, fa’aleaganuu ē mo le galuega fa’afaifeau a le Ekalesia Metotisi Samoa ma le lalolagi atoa.”

O le Faavae ma le Tulafono;Ekalesia Metotisi Samoa, itulau 15


Vision Statement

We sail with hope and confidence into the next five years (2020-2025) to become one of the competent Theological Colleges in the region that:

  1. Provide quality theological learning, where academic excellence is carefully woven with spiritual quality and pastoral discipline.
  2. Expand our partnership network with other Theological Education Providers, Higher Learning Institutions, and Accreditation Agencies in Samoa and the Pacific.

Doctrinal Basis

Teaching and learning, worship and leadership training in Piula is based on the Apostle and Nicene Creeds, as well as the founding statements of faith as prescribed by the Constitution of the Methodist Church in Samoa.